Aleta Lenyard

The Debbie Waggoner “Above and Beyond” Award

Debbie Waggoner was a Chattanooga State employee who worked in the Career Planning and Counseling Center. Unfortunately, cancer took her from us prematurely, but not before she left her legacy of student advocacy. Debbie worked ardently on behalf of students, and as the award is named, she went “above and beyond” the call of duty.

In order to continue to show our respect and admiration for all that Debbie did for us at Chattanooga State, at the end of each school year, The Chattanooga State Student Government Association sponsor the “Debbie Waggoner Above and Beyond Award”. We celebrate those individuals who reach out and make a positive impact on those around them.

AletaLenyard-rev-webfiThis year, the award was presented to the winning staff, Ms. Aleta Lenyard, at “Hats Off To Excellence” Awards Night, on Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.

Ms. Lenyard is the Manager of the Mathematics Center which is the heart of the mathematics curriculum.  As such, she interacts with almost every student enrolled in a mathematics course in a given semester.  She tutors students, oversees testing, and the hiring of peer tutors in the Mathematics Center.

Aleta works enthusiastically with students and faculty.  She is always positive and obviously enjoys her work.  She handles difficult situations with grace and wisdom.  She helps keep the Mathematics Center operating smoothly and efficiently.  Also, she serves as the campus liaison with Pearson and helps resolve technical issues with the ChSCC network and MyLabsPlus.

One of Ms. Lenyard’s responsibilities is to supervise student tutors working in the Mathematics Center.  She is an advocate for the student and professional tutors as well as our adjuncts.  She is respectful of both faculty and students in addition to being a gifted listener and uses her gift to communicate the importance of each person.

She exhibits commitment to student success by her dedication to create a positive learning experience for every student who walks into the Mathematics Center.  She coordinates the help sessions for students and oversees student focus groups for ideas on how to improve student learning.  She continually finds ways to improve the operation of the Mathematics Center.  Her goal is success for all students.

Ms. Lenyard is not only a hard-worker, but she strives to make the department head and assistant department head’s job easier in the process.  She anticipates what needs to be done and does it.  She is dependable, reliable, and a forward-thinker. Every faculty and staff in the Mathematics Department is a better worker because Aleta has gone “above and beyond” for them. Students who take mathematics classes in the department share similar experiences working with “Ms. Aleta.”

Dr. Jennifer Arbogast, Assistant Professor of Music

Jennifer Arbogast

Dr. Jennifer Arbogast

Jennifer Arbogast holds a Doctor of Arts degree from Ball State University, where she studied with internationally acclaimed soprano, Dr. Mei Zhong. Jennifer is active as a musician as both a performer of many genres and as a music director.  Jennifer is currently performing at the Signal Mountain Playhouse production of the King and I as  the lead role, Anna,  Most recently, Jennifer played Lucy in Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga’s production of Jekyll and Hyde, The Announcer in Gallantry with Artisti Affamati’s Opera in the Dark production, the Sorceress in Chattanooga State Opera Theatre’s production of Dido and Aeneas, and appeared in the ensemble of Nutcracker Christmas Carol. Other favorite roles include Irene Molloy (Hello, Dolly!), Isabel (Scrooge, the musical), Laurey (Oklahoma!), Mark’s Mom (RENT), and Lucy (You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown). Jennifer has music directed over a dozen musicals, her favorites being A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, and Avenue Q. Jennifer is also the music director at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Chattanooga, the faculty sponsor for music club, and an avid fan of Ohio State football.

Julie Franklin, Adjunct Biology Instructor

Julie FranklinJulie Franklin joined the Microbiology team in the Life Sciences Department in Fall 2011. With a background as a Medical Technologist she brings years of clinical experience and a strong healthcare emphasis to lab instruction. She is instrumental in improving assessment in laboratory classes by assisting with the creation of pre-lab quiz questions and helping with the development of a workable way for assessing students’ work ethic in the laboratory. Julie has also shared ideas for making Microbiology lab instructional materials better organized and more student-friendly. In addition to being clinically focused and student oriented, she is reliable, accessible, and always prepared. She has provided dependable service and has been an invaluable asset through her many contributions in teaching Microbiology lecture and laboratory classes. Julie Franklin received the Adjunct Faculty Division Excellence Award in the Sciences.

Janice Neal, Adjunct Mathematics Instructor

JaniceNealJanice has been an outstanding adjunct instructor in the Mathematics Department for several years. She works diligently with her students and is an effective tutor in the Mathematics Center. Her dedication to her students is clear in the way she teaches and interacts with them; she has done an excellent job in teaching her courses and assisting her students. Janice loves teaching and has indicated she will teach ”at any time” she is called upon. Chattanooga state needs more adjuncts like Janice. She received the Adjunct Faculty Division Excellence Award in Mathematics.

Carolyn Clark. Division Secretary


Carolyn Clark

Carolyn Clark knows her job and this really shows in her performance. Carolyn came aboard as Division secretary six years ago. She always offer assistance to faculty and students around the office and in the hallways. She has a gracious smile, exhibits care, and compassion in the way she deals with faculty, staff, students, and visitors. In addition to her duties in the Division she assists with different activities including festivals around the campus as part of her College-wide service. Carolyn’s community service includes participating in Women’s Ministry and Youth Ministry at her church. She received the Staff Division Excellence Award.

David Wollert, Associate Professor of Biology

David Wollert

David Wollert

David Wollert has contributed enormously in many different ways to Life Sciences Department, M & S Division, and the College since he came aboard as a full time faculty in 2008. He taught a greater diversity of courses per semester than any of his colleagues in Life Sciences during his first year, however, he has since settled into teaching Microbiology for which he developed an on online version of the lecture; he taught that online lecture in Spring 2014. Also, teaches Human Biology which he has restructured extensively and for which he takes on responsibility for all lab preparations. He is an outstanding and accessible instructor with very high positive student evaluation. He uses visually beautiful, well-organized PowerPoint slides along with clear, thought-provoking explanations to communicate course content to students thus challenging their minds and intellect beyond the ordinary. As a way to stimulate his students he includes stories of famous scientists in his pedagogy both to capture students’ attention and to help students realize scientists are real people. Through group projects he incorporated into the General Biology course his students have contacted and remotely interviewed practicing scientists. By these actions he empowers his students to aspire to think like and perhaps even become scientists themselves in the future. David Wollert serves as a member of the College’s Fellows Committee and is currently a member of the College’s Technology Mobilization Committee. He co-chaired the Assessment In the Majors (AIM) Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLO) assessment initiative last year and currently serves as one of the two Team Leaders for AIM’s Critical Thinking group. In Spring 2014 he is creating faculty and staff development activities for our Division through his coordination of TED Talk lunch sessions on Friday afternoons. In summary, David is a consummate professional and has contributed a great deal to his students, colleagues, and the College. He received the Full Time Faculty Division Excellence Award in the Sciences.

Dr. Azar Raiszadeh, Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Azar Raiszadeh

Dr. Azar Raiszadeh

In addition to doing an exemplary job in teaching her assigned classes, Dr. Azar Raiszadeh was in charge of Learning Support (LS) Math 0810 and 0820 courses over the last several semesters. She did an outstanding job in organizing and reorganizing the courses and chairing the Math Redesign Committee. The two LS Math 0810 and 0820 courses are the courses being taught as high school Bridge Math at high schools in the Seamless Alignment and Integrated Learning Support (SAILS) Tennessee initiative funded by Governor Haslam. Dr. Raiszadeh lead the Math 1530 course for College Within a College (CWC) now known as Global Scholars program in Fall 2013. She and her colleagues, Dr. Anita Polk-Conley, and Dr. Jianfeng Zhang incorporated hand-on life experiences into the course contents thus making the course more interesting and challenging to students with high achievement capabilities enrolled in the class. Additionally, she lead the group of faculty that completed a grant proposal and received funding to work on the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) initiated Course Revitalization initiative. Dr. Raiszadeh and a group of faculty will integrate Math 0820 into Math 1530 in 2014-2015. Her colleagues deem her as a hard working member of the Mathematics Department and Division of Mathematics and Sciences; she deserves to be recognized for volunteering for almost everything. Dr. Raiszadeh received the Full Time Faculty Division Excellence Award in Mathematics.

TCAT Division Congratulates Robert Hawfield

rhawfieldThe Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) selected master instructor of Mathematics Bob Hawfield to receive the Teaching Excellence award in 2013. Bob is a long time faculty member in the Tennessee College of Applied Technology Division starting first as an adjunct instructor January 1983 and later hired as a full time math instructor in 1986. He states, “I celebrated my 25th year of service at Chattanooga State on August 2011”.

Bob earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in 1979 and1994, respectively. You can find Bob in our TCAT math lab helping over 70 students daily from basic blue print reading, from whole numbers to Trigonometry. Bob feels his strengths lay in the ability to have patience working with students in math. Immediately, students walk through the door with math anxieties, since many technology students have been out of school for many years. Bob eases student’s anxieties working one on-one, having a sense of humor, and make math fun to learn. Bob’s two favorite things about working at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology are the students and the friendly, laidback atmosphere. Bob is married with two daughters who also graduated from UTK. In his spare time Bob enjoys working in his yard, playing tennis and taking vacations to the beach.

In addition to monetary reward of $500.00 from Chattanooga State Foundation, Bob attended the League of Innovation Conference held in Dallas, Texas in March 2013

Michael Holsomback – Assistant Professor/Art

mholsombackMike Holsomback is a well-known professional artist and dedicated, veteran art department faculty member at Chattanooga State Community College in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Professor Holsomback is a productive painter and collage artist, having a considerable regional and national exhibition record. His works have been selected for exhibitions in numerous venues and are found in the holdings of many private, corporate and government collections.

We Have Found Her (Birth of Venus)

The art work of Professor Holsomback varies from contemplative realistic painted portraits to collage and mixed media paintings marked with postmodern fragmentation, radical juxtaposition, eclecticism and pluralism. The art work of can be viewed at

Born in rural north Georgia, Professor Holsomback was raised within an atmosphere of considerable poverty. But, it is through this veil of poverty, and the illnesses which arise within it, that he has sharpened his vision as a painter. Mike earned a MFA degree in painting in 1989, and began his teaching career shortly thereafter. He continues to live in north Georgia with his wife and a houseful of rescued cats and dogs; teaching, painting and observing the changing world around him.

Dr. Patricia Ochoa

Dr. patricia-ochoaPatricia Ochoa, came to Chattanooga State in 1998 after completing her doctoral coursework in exercise physiology at the University of Alabama. She completed her dissertation and received her Ph.D in 1999. Dr. Ochoa teaches the Science of Fitness and Wellness, Group Fitness Instruction, Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries, as well as several physical activity classes such as yoga and Zumba.

“It is a great privilege as well as responsibility to teach. I am driven each day by the successes of former students and the possibilities for future ones. I am truly committed to trying to positively impact every student that I have the opportunity to teach.”